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The Pilates Center of Las Vegas, owned and directed by Elena Dominguez-Bartley, is a certified Pilates Studio and Teacher Training Center.  The work is classical based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates. The requirements for a certified studio are verification that the teachers have completed a 450-600 hour course of study with recognized teachers that studied with Joseph and Clara Pilates.

Criteria for Acceptance:

Teacher trainee applicants should have a previous background in exercise and/or movement. Applicants with a movement background need to have completed a minimum of 25 Pilates sessions, in a studio, immediately prior to commencing their training. Applicants with no movement background should have completed at least 50 sessions with their preferred teacher training studio in the six months prior to commencing their training. Final acceptance for all applicants will be based on their background, their own physicality and physical knowledge of the exercises, and an interview to determine their commitment, and passion for the work.

Duration of Training

The training period can cover anything from 6 to 24 months, depending on the studio itself. A minimum of 450 hours is required before taking the Examination. This includes:

1 - 200 hours of practical training
2 - 100 hours of lectures (theoretical/practical) and home study/revision
3 - 100 hours minimum assisting and observing
4 - 50 hours minimum teaching (apprenticing)

Total 450 Hours

Basic certification standards:

1.- An understanding of the Pilates Method, including its Philosophy, its purpose and its primary intent of each exercise.
2.- The ability to modify the exercises without losing the primary intent.
3.- The ability to build a program appropriated for each specific client.
4.- The ability to accurately assess clients.
5.- The ability to communicate a correction specific and effectively.
6.- The ability to pace the workout for an effective movement experience.
7.- Appropriate hands-on ability.

Teacher training check list:

1.- The names of the equipment and all the various parts.
2.- The name of the exercises.
3.- The order of the exercises and the number of repetitions.
4.- The set up of the equipment for each exercise.
5.- The many safety issues concerning the use of the equipment.
6.- Learn the essence of each exercise (rhythm, tempo, dynamics, breath , flow, etc.)
7.- The benefits of each exercise.
8.- How to modify, break down and or adapt each exercise.
9.- How to design a lesson.
10.- How to motivate and encourage a client.

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